I ♥ Amy Butler

Having recently undertaken the daunting task of wallpapering the most awkward wall in the house, I ‘discovered’ Amy Butler.  Her designs are fab and I love her patterns just as much as my idol Orla Kiely’s.  Fabric, wallpaper, wall art, colour, colour, COLOUR… what’s not to love?!

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Being cooped up with a migraine is not much fun but as I try to relax my mind has turned to what I have started to call my ‘fabric fantasies’ (sad huh?)!  Watching the birds in our garden made me realise what funny personalities and mannerisms they have.  I’d love to one day capture this in some kind of art form.  These quirky little creatures are right up my street!

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Beautiful bluetit

Just a boy

A bit chilly

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.  I intend to use this site to document some of the whimsical thinking that occupies my mind during my down-time.  Just like a magpie, I will gather in this one place any images that really inspire me or make me smile.  Hopefully this way others can enjoy them too.  Any projects that I undertake will no doubt also make their way onto here.  My dream is to one day be some form of textile artist.  For now I’ll stick to my day job (teaching) and what I know and also love – interiors!